Our Essence

  Afroglobal Trade LTD is a visionary entity, strategically positioned to redefine the narrative of international business consultancy. From our base in Birmingham, England, we extend our expertise across the African continent and into India, spearheading transformative trade relationships marked by high ROI, transparency, and security.

About Afroglobal Trade LTD: Pioneering Sustainable Trade and Investment

  At Afroglobal Trade LTD, headquartered in Birmingham, England, we have established ourselves as frontrunners in the facilitation of sustainable trade and investment between the global marketplace and Africa's burgeoning sectors. With operational branches extending across Africa and India, our strategic position enables us to catalyse enduring partnerships that not only promote trade and investment but also advocate for the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) compliance.

Our Corporate Values

Our Genesis

Afroglobal Trade LTD was conceived from the vision of bridging the gap between African producers and the global market, driven by a commitment to sustainability, equity, and innovation. Recognising the untapped potential of Africa’s agricultural and commodity markets, our founders embarked on this journey to unlock these resources for the global stage, while ensuring the growth contributes positively to local communities and environments.

Our Mission

 Our mission is to enhance food security, promote sustainable agricultural practices, and stimulate economic growth across Africa through strategic global partnerships. We aim to operate at the nexus of tradition and innovation, aligning our corporate endeavours with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to craft a sustainable and equitable future for all.

Our Vision

 We envisage a world where African markets are seamlessly integrated into the global economy, contributing to a sustainable and prosperous future. Our vision extends beyond trade and investment; it encompasses the transformation of African communities through empowerment, innovation, and sustainable practices that pave the way for a resilient economic future.

Core Values

  • Integrity and Transparency: We operate with the highest standards of honesty and openness, ensuring trust and reliability in all our engagements.
  • Sustainability: Our commitment to sustainable practices is unwavering, as we continuously seek to minimise our environmental footprint while maximising social and economic benefits.
  • Innovation: We champion innovation in all aspects of our work, from agricultural practices to trade mechanisms, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve in offering solutions that meet emerging challenges.
  • Collaboration: Our strength lies in our ability to collaborate effectively with a wide range of stakeholders, including local farmers, global investors, and governmental bodies, to achieve mutual goals.
  • Empowerment: We are dedicated to empowering local communities through capacity building, knowledge sharing, and creating opportunities for growth and development.

Invitation to Collaborate

  We warmly invite you to explore the opportunities for collaboration with Afroglobal Trade LTD. Whether you are looking to invest in Africa’s agricultural sector, seeking sustainable sourcing solutions, or aiming to expand your market reach, our team is ready to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring your venture is not just successful but also impactful.

Strategic Approach

Our strategic approach is founded on in-depth market analysis, robust partnerships, and leveraging cutting-edge technology to offer comprehensive solutions in trade, investment, and agricultural consultancy. Through our holistic approach, we ensure that every project we undertake is executed with precision, delivering maximum impact and value to our partners and beneficiaries.

Global Reach

Our global footprint spans continents, with strategic partnerships and operations in key markets across Africa, USA , United Kingdom and India. This extensive network enables us to facilitate efficient, effective, and sustainable trade flows, enriching our capability to serve a diverse clientele with varying needs.

Leadership That Inspires

Our leadership team is the cornerstone of our success, embodying decades of experience and a shared vision for Africa’s prosperity:   

Tendai Stephano      

  With a distinguished career that traverses continents, Tendai Stephano epitomizes visionary leadership and strategic acumen. As Chairman of Afroglobal Trade LTD, he brings an unparalleled depth of experience in navigating complex global markets, underpinned by his exceptional skills in project management and strategic planning. His leadership is informed by a profound understanding of both emerging and established markets, garnered through decades of hands-on experience in project execution and stakeholder management. Tendai's career commenced with notable success in Zimbabwe, contributing significantly to national projects before extending his expertise to the United Kingdom, where he has continued to influence global trade dynamics. His dedication to fostering sustainable growth and development in Africa is reflected in his strategic oversight at Afroglobal Trade LTD, where he ensures that the company's mission aligns with global best practices and ESG compliance.

Lebani Moses Nthoyiwa
(Consultant - Botswana)

    Lebani Moses Nthoyiwa stands as a beacon of agribusiness expertise, with a career that illuminates the path of agricultural innovation and management across continents. As a Consultant for Afroglobal Trade LTD, Lebani infuses the company with a rich tapestry of global insights and strategies tailored to the intricate challenges of agribusiness in Africa. His educational journey, spanning Botswana, Japan, Ethiopia, and the Netherlands, has equipped him with a multifaceted understanding of agricultural systems, making him a pivotal asset in designing and implementing sustainable trade solutions. Lebani's tenure in top positions within the Botswana Ministry of Agriculture has honed his ability to craft strategic frameworks that foster effective stakeholder collaborations and partnerships, enhancing Afroglobal Trade LTD's mission of sustainable and equitable agricultural development.

Nickson Sibanda
(Operations Manager Africa)

Nickson Sibanda, as the Operations Manager for Afroglobal Trade LTD in Africa, is the linchpin in the company's efforts to restore and bolster global confidence in African trade. His exemplary leadership in operational management is characterized by a commitment to excellence and the implementation of internationally recognized frameworks. With a career that began in earnest within the realms of consultancy and operations management, Nickson has since become synonymous with the successful delivery of transparent and sustainable trade solutions. His strategic foresight and operational policies are critical to Afroglobal Trade LTD's mission, ensuring that every engagement minimizes risk while maximizing stakeholder protection and compliance with global trade standards.

Manu Seth
 (International Business Consultant)

 Manu Seth's reputation as a luminary in international business development precedes him, marked by a career filled with significant contributions to the global economic landscape. As an International Business Consultant for Afroglobal Trade LTD, Manu's strategic insights and extensive network play a crucial role in developing cross-continental business solutions. His profound expertise in supply chain logistics, strategic consultancy, and financial advisory positions him as a force in navigating and orchestrating complex international projects. With a proven track record across Asia, Europe, America, and Africa, Manu's global perspective and innovative strategies drive Afroglobal Trade LTD's commitment to facilitating sustainable and impactful trade relationships, cementing the company's status as a leader in global trade consultancy.

  Our Visionary Pursuit

  Our ambition is to restore unwavering confidence and transparency in African trade ecosystems. Through deploying globally accredited frameworks, we safeguard stakeholder interests, fostering minimal risk engagements.

Our Remit

At Afroglobal Trade LTD, we are more than a trade facilitation company; we are your partners in building a sustainable and prosperous future through strategic global trade and investment. Join us in this journey to unlock the potential of African markets, fostering development, sustainability, and prosperity on a global scale.