Bridging Markets: The Afroglobal Advantage

  We stand as the conduit for the trade of agricultural commodities, aligning African producers with global market demands. Our strategic approach ensures compliance with the highest standards of quality and sustainability from source to delivery.


 Afroglobal Trade is dedicated to bringing the rich flavours of Africa to the global market, sourcing spices directly from local farmers. Our range includes Madagascar's exquisite vanilla, Zanzibar's aromatic cloves, Moroccan and Egyptian cumin, and Egyptian coriander, known for its citrusy spice. We also offer sweet and spicy cardamom from Tanzania and Madagascar, Morocco's rare saffron, smoky paprika from South Africa and Nigeria, plus Madagascar's cinnamon, nutmeg, and diverse peppercorns. These carefully selected spices not only enhance culinary creations but also support African growers, embodying sustainability and the vibrant heritage of African agriculture in every dish.


 Afroglobal Trade specialises in sourcing the finest African pulses, directly connecting global markets with the continent's local growers. Our collection features nutrient-rich cowpeas from West Africa, essential chickpeas from Ethiopia, and an assortment of dry beans that flourish across Africa’s varied landscapes. We are dedicated to sustainability and supporting the communities behind these crops, ensuring that each purchase enhances local livelihoods. Our range also includes Egyptian fava beans and nutritious lentils, embodying the diversity and nutritional wealth of African agriculture. Choose Afroglobal Trade for pulses that promise authenticity, quality, and a taste of Africa's rich agricultural tradition, all while contributing to a sustainable future.


 Afroglobal Trade bridges the gap between Africa's rich fields and the global market, offering a diverse selection of nutritious grains directly from local farmers. Our assortment includes Ethiopia's ancient teff, versatile and drought-resistant sorghum from the Sahel, nutrient-packed millet, energy-rich maize, and aromatic African rice varieties. Each grain is chosen for its quality, nutritional value, and unique flavour, supporting sustainable agriculture and empowering communities across the continent. By choosing Afroglobal Trade, you're not just enjoying authentic African grains; you're also contributing to a sustainable future and supporting the livelihoods of the farmers who cultivate these essential crops.


  Afroglobal Trade proudly offers premium carrots, cultivated in Africa’s optimal growing conditions to ensure crispness, flavor, and rich nutritional content. Through direct partnerships with local farmers, we champion sustainable agriculture and fair market access, promoting healthy ecosystems and community well-being. Our carrots, rich in beta-carotene, vitamins, and minerals, are a testament to the dedication of African farmers, harvested with care for global kitchens. Choosing Afroglobal Trade means enjoying the best of Africa’s produce while supporting a sustainable and prosperous future for its agricultural communities. Experience the authentic taste and nutritional benefits of our carrots, a staple for diverse culinary creations.


 Afroglobal Trade enriches global kitchens with Africa's finest onions, cultivated under ideal conditions to ensure optimum flavour, crispness, and nutritional value. Our direct partnerships with local farmers across the continent not only secure premium quality but also support sustainable agricultural practices. Our diverse onion range includes:
  • Red Onions: Known for their deep flavour and vibrant colour, perfect for adding a punch to salads, salsas, and cooked dishes.
  • Yellow Onions: The all-purpose onions, offering a balance of astringency and sweetness in cooking, indispensable for soups, stews, and sautés.
  • White Onions: With a slightly milder and sweeter taste, white onions are ideal for raw applications or in light cooking.


Iceberg Lettuce

Afroglobal Trade proudly offers premium iceberg lettuce, sourced from Africa’s verdant fields. Cultivated in ideal climatic conditions, our lettuce is celebrated for its crispness, freshness, and flavour. Committed to sustainable practices, we ensure our produce supports environmental health and local communities. Perfect for salads, wraps, and sandwiches, choosing our iceberg lettuce means not just enjoying superior quality but also supporting African farmers dedicated to eco-friendly agriculture. Experience the refreshing taste of Africa with our iceberg lettuce, a crisp addition to any dish.

IQF frozen Broccoli

  Afroglobal Trade introduces IQF broccoli from Egypt, embodying our commitment to premium frozen produce. Harvested in Egypt's fertile regions, our broccoli is quickly frozen to lock in nutrition, texture, and flavour, offering the freshness of garden-picked vegetables year-round. This process supports sustainable Egyptian agriculture and ensures convenience without compromising on health or taste. Perfect for a variety of culinary uses, our IQF broccoli is ideal for those seeking nutritious, easy-to-prepare options. Choose Afroglobal Trade for broccoli that brings vibrant colour and nutritional value to your meals, while supporting the livelihoods of Egyptian farmers.

IQF Frozen Cauliflower

 Afroglobal Trade is delighted to offer IQF frozen cauliflower, sourced from the rich soils of Egypt. This premium cauliflower is rapidly frozen after harvest, preserving its nutritional content, texture, and natural flavour. Ideal for maintaining a healthy diet with ease, our cauliflower is versatile for a range of dishes, from stir-fries to soups. By selecting our IQF cauliflower, you're not only choosing quality and convenience but also supporting sustainable practices and the hardworking farmers in Egypt. Trust Afroglobal Trade for frozen cauliflower that delivers freshness and taste in every bite, enhancing your meals with minimal effort.

IQF Frozen Green Beans

Afroglobal Trade proudly presents IQF frozen green beans, meticulously sourced from Egypt's fertile lands. These green beans are swiftly frozen after harvesting, ensuring they retain their crisp texture, vibrant colour, and nutritional goodness. Perfect for those seeking convenience without sacrificing quality, our green beans are versatile for any dish, offering the freshness of the field with every bite. Opting for our IQF green beans not only enhances your meals but also supports sustainable agriculture and the dedicated farmers of Egypt. With Afroglobal Trade, enjoy the essence of fresh green beans all year round, effortlessly adding health and flavour to your diet.


 Afroglobal Trade brings you the finest African oranges, including the sweet Valencia, perfect for juicing; the seedless Navel, ideal for snacking; and the unique Blood orange, known for its striking colour and balanced flavour. Sourced from the sunlit groves of Egypt, South Africa, and Morocco, these varieties are celebrated for their quality and taste. By choosing Afroglobal Trade, you're not only enjoying the vibrant flavours of African citrus but also supporting sustainable farming practices and the dedicated farmers of the continent. Experience the authentic taste of Africa with our premium selection of oranges, each offering a unique burst of sunshine.


Afroglobal Trade brings you the finest bananas from Africa's tropical regions, including Uganda and Ivory Coast, known for their rich, flavourful produce. Our carefully selected bananas are not only delicious but also packed with potassium, vitamins, and fibre, supporting a healthy lifestyle. By choosing Afroglobal Trade, you're embracing the sweet taste of Africa while contributing to sustainable farming and the well-being of our partner farmers. Enjoy our bananas as a nutritious snack, in your baking, or blended into smoothies. Experience the authentic flavour and quality of African bananas with every bite.  


Afroglobal Trade offers premium apples from Africa's best orchards in South Africa, Morocco, and Egypt, celebrated for their perfect apple-growing climates. Our selection includes the crunchy Gala, tart Granny Smith, and sweet Red Delicious, each renowned for its distinctive flavour and health benefits. Choosing Afroglobal Trade not only means savouring delicious, crisp apples but also supporting sustainable practices and the hardworking farmers behind each fruit. Enjoy our apples as a nutritious snack, in desserts, or salads. Experience the genuine taste and quality of African apples with every bite, brought to you by Afroglobal Trade.


"Our ethos is built on the foundation of creating seamless connections, fostering an environment where the agricultural wealth of Africa can be responsibly and efficiently channelled to meet international needs. This is achieved through our rigorous adherence to globally recognised standards, ensuring that every product under our stewardship is a beacon of quality and sustainable practice.

In orchestrating this complex interplay between local production capacities and global market exigencies, Afroglobal Trade LTD employs a holistic approach. We navigate the multifaceted landscape of international trade regulations, quality control measures, and sustainability benchmarks with unparalleled expertise, ensuring that every transaction is compliant, ethical, and geared towards fostering long-term ecological balance.

Moreover, our strategic advantage lies in our deep-rooted understanding of both the nuances of African agricultural production and the evolving trends of global consumption. This dual insight allows us to not just bridge markets, but to do so in a way that promotes equity, sustainability, and prosperity for all stakeholders involved.

Through the Afroglobal advantage, we commit to elevating the stature of African agricultural commodities on the global stage, ensuring they are recognised not just for their inherent quality, but also for their contribution to a more sustainable and equitable world."